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Title: Использование электронного учебника как средства повышения качества подготовки студентов в высшем физкультурном образования. – 2019.
Authors: Драгнев, Ю. В.
Keywords: electronic textbook
higher physical education
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2019
Abstract: THE USE OF THE ELECTRONIC TEXTBOOK AS MEANS OF INCREASE OF QUALITY OF PREPARATION OF STUDENTS IN HIGHER PHYSICAL EDUCATION = Dragnev Y. V. The article shows that the textbook, both electronic and printed, have common fea-tures, namely: educational material is laid out in a certain area of knowledge; this material is served at the pre-sent level of scientific and cultural achievements. It is also certain that the transition to the information society has necessitated the use of information technology in the educational process of the future teacher of physical culture. The introduction of multimedia technologies in the practice of physical education makes it possible to combine the didactic function of the computer as a means of learning with the possibility of traditional teaching methods, as well as to update the educational process with information technology.
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