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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12-15Olimpic Sports. - 2013.Nekrutenko, E. B.
2013-08-08Olympic Sports: Manual for Studying the Course “English for Specific Purposes for the first and second-year students of the specialities “Physical Training”, “Sport” and “Human’s Health”. - 2013.Nekrutenko, E. B.
2013-04-19On the number of the equivalences classes of the serial indecomposable rings with finite Krull dimension.Shvyrov, V. V.
2018-03-01Oсобенности иммунного ответа как патогенетический фундамент обоснования иммунореабилитации детей с менингитом.Ершова, И. Б.; Мочалова, А. А.; Кузнецов, А. В.; Черкасова, С. Н.; Осипова, Т. Ф.; Осичнюк, Л. М.
2016-12-09Personnel management = Управління персоналом : Lectures cours. - 2011.Gaydamaka, O. M.
2018-03-20PR та міф: зіставлення понять і функцій.Кулініч, О. О.
2018-03-17Practical aspects of teaching cultural awareness in efl lessons.Reznik, N.; Tkacheva, E.
2018-03-15Proportionality’s analysis of regional development (Пропорциональный анализ регионального развития).Spornyak, S. O.; Volvak, Yu. S.
2018-03-19Regioselective Alkylation of Isopropylideneand Cyclohexylidenepropanedinitrile with Phenacyl Bromides.Dyachenko, V. D.; Pavlova, A. N.
2018-03-16Regioselective Alkylation of Substituted 1H-Pyrazolo[3,4-c]isoquinolin-1-ones.Sukach, S. M.; Dyachenko, V. D.
2016-01-25Remains of Sea Turtles from the Ikovo Locality (Lugansk Region, Ukraine; Middle Eocene).Zvonok, E. A.; Danilov, I. G.; Syromyatnikova, E. V.; Udovichenko, N. I.
2015-12-10Research of trajectory design error of coil piling of geodesic winding.Donchenko, V.; Mogilnuy, G.
2013-08-30Sanitation and rehabilitation of students with bronchopneumonia.Senogonova, L. I.; Paschenko, V. G.; Buksha, S. B.
2013-05-20Scientific Youth: Education and Science = Молоді вчені : book of Abstracts of the III International Scientific-Practical Internet-Conference. - February, 18. - 2013.-
2014-02-03Scientific Youth: Priorities of the World Science. Festschrift of the IV International Scientific-Practical Conference. - February, 20. - 2014.-
2016-01-27Simple stepwise route to 1-substituted 2-amino-3-ethoxycarbonylindolizines.Khoroshilov, G. E.; Tverdokhleb, N. M.; Brovarets, V. S.; Babaev, E. V.
2013-10-08Socio-Pssychological adaptation of arab students at the Universities of Ukraine.Krupenina, N. A.; Tihonova, M. I.
2013-10-23"Songs of innocence and of experience" By W. Blake. symbols and images.Yeliseyev, S. L.; Levchenko, Y. S.
2015-10-28Sosio-psychological climate in a family as an indicator of parent-adolescent relationships character.Vlasova, N. V.
2016-12-15Sport to live and learn. - 2013.Rudina, М.