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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
9-Дек-2016English for tourism. - 2011.Кіреєнко, К. В.
30-Мар-2012Experimental and Educational Ideas of I. Sikorsky.Petukhova, I.O.
13-Дек-2016Finansе and Business across cultures. - 2012.Осадча, Т. Ю.
30-Окт-2013Forming of pop singers’ spiritual culture with the means of stage image of music piece.Starovoytova, O.
30-Мар-2012Genre Aspect of Building up Pupils' Communicative Competence.Horoshkina, O.M.
30-Мар-2012Higher Educational Establishment Development Strategy and its Human Resources from the Perspective of Organizational Culture.Smolins'ka, O.Ye.
27-Авг-2013Influence of agrarian policy on development of farming businesses in Ukraine.Gaydamaka, O. M.; Lebid, V. M.; Lebed, N. V.
23-Дек-2015Internal firm institutions of opportunistic behavior.Kondratieva, T. V.
30-Мар-2012Logical And Structural Analysis of Prospective Social Pedagogues' Quality Professional Training.Pavlyk, N.P.
8-Дек-2016Management. - 2010.Snitko, E. O.
21-Дек-2015Marketing Programs Improvement and Sales Stimulation at the Enterprise.Prischepa, N. P.; Putintsev, A. V.
23-Дек-2015Mechanism of supply formation on the institutional market.Kondratieva, T. V.
15-Дек-2016Olimpic Sports. - 2013.Nekrutenko, E. B.
19-Апр-2013On the number of the equivalences classes of the serial indecomposable rings with finite Krull dimension.Shvyrov, V. V.
9-Дек-2016Personnel management = Управління персоналом : Lectures cours. - 2011.Gaydamaka, O. M.
10-Дек-2015Research of trajectory design error of coil piling of geodesic winding.Donchenko, V.; Mogilnuy, G.
20-Май-2013Scientific Youth: Education and Science = Молоді вчені : book of Abstracts of the III International Scientific-Practical Internet-Conference. - February, 18. - 2013.-
3-Фев-2014Scientific Youth: Priorities of the World Science. Festschrift of the IV International Scientific-Practical Conference. - February, 20. - 2014.-
27-Авг-2013Strategic Management of the Resources System of Agricultural Enterprises.Dyubo, E. N.
30-Окт-2013Style. Text. Discourse. History of linguistic studies. Educational and methodical guide for students of Master’s Course in Philology. - 2011.Sinelnikova, L. N.