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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2016-12-13A Book of Reading in Interpretation of Fiction = Хрестоматія для студ. фак. інозем. мов та магістрантів вищ. навч. закл. - 2012.Yeliseyev, S. L.
2016-12-09APM менеджера. Управление бизнес-проектом средствами MS PROJECT. - 2011.Цыганкова, С. А.
2012-03-30Application of Information Technology in Teaching Economic Disciplines.Kinash, I. A.
2016-12-13Business planning. - 2012.Prischepa, N. P.
2012-03-30Computer Linguodidactics: Status and Prospects.Bader, V. I.
2012-03-30Development of Professional Thesaurus in Technical Universities Students on the Basis of Receptive Communicative Skills.Pastukhova, S. Yu.
2012-03-30Diagnostics as the Basis for Defining the Content of the Professional Training of the Penitentiary Personnel for Social and Pedagogical Work with Juvenile Convicts.Karaman, O. L.
2012-03-30Distinguishing Features of the Organization of the Scientific and Research Work of Philology Students in Methods of Teaching World Literature.Vitchenko, A. O.
2012-03-30Drug Addiction among High School Students in Luhansk: Trends and Prevalence.Kononov, I. F.
2013-12-18Education and pedagogical sciences - Освіта та педагогічна наука. - № 1 (156). - 2013.-
2013-12-18Education and pedagogical sciences – Освіта та педагогічна наука – № 2 (157). – 2013.-
2013-12-18Education and pedagogical sciences – Освіта та педагогічна наука – № 3 (158) – 2013.-
2016-12-13English for Hotel Business. - 2012.Кіреєнко, К. В.
2016-12-09English for tourism. - 2011.Кіреєнко, К. В.
2012-03-30Experimental and Educational Ideas of I. Sikorsky.Petukhova, I.O.
2016-12-13Finansе and Business across cultures. - 2012.Осадча, Т. Ю.
2013-10-30Forming of pop singers’ spiritual culture with the means of stage image of music piece.Starovoytova, O.
2013-10-08Gender and other aspects of the adaptation of the turkish students at the universities si of Ukraine (by means of an the example of National University named after Volodymyr Dahl).Krupenina, N. A.; Tihonova, M. I.
2012-03-30Genre Aspect of Building up Pupils' Communicative Competence.Horoshkina, O. M.
2012-03-30Higher Educational Establishment Development Strategy and its Human Resources from the Perspective of Organizational Culture.Smolins'ka, O. Ye.